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I have a website under construction in WordPress, I have plans to build that website for my personal article collection & earn money by sharing my knowledge with public.

(I will publish there my own article : genuine new article)

Im using free template downloaded from https://wordpress.org/themes. & also remove text "Designed By xxxxxxxx" from footer.

(I will host my website on hosting server & also buy domain : not using any free service)

Is it possible to approve my website on Google AdSense with this theme? How many minimum number of articles & daily pageviews are required for Google AdSense approval?

Will the use of free template & removing Designed by reject my account on Google AdSense?"

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You'll need some content for AdSense to approve your site, the content is more important than the theme. You'll also need some content to get traffic so that's not a real problem. I'll suggest you to first make two or three articles an then create an AdSense account, that should work.

You'll also need a plugin to inject ads on your site, look for AdSense plugins.
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